Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Our December artists!

With our second fair, we welcome back some of our first stallholders and some fresh new faces.
Check out what they're about and see their beautiful work in the following post:

The Lab

The Lab loves all things creative, and tries to reflect this in everything that it does. It started under a simple and perhaps naive notion that good music will prevail, an ideal it stands by.



OWT Creative

We work collaboratively through print and digital, making work that spans from our own high production value take on the zine aesthetic through to branding, web design, curation and art direction.

Through working within ourselves and our extended network of designers, writers, illustrators and all manner of creative types we are able to create solutions to any design problem.




NUDE Magazine

Nude was launched in August 2003 by Suzy Prince and Ian Lowey; two people brought together by a shared interest in many of the strange and exotic things which exist at the margins of pop culture. Starting life as a free-distribution zine, by our last issue in 2011 Nude magazine had evolved into a glossy, quarterly, internationally-distributed, cutting edge publication with high production values, which served up a colourful and highly illustrated overview of all aspects of contemporary independent and retro culture.

From lowbrow art to indie crafting, via street art, outsider art, comics, illustration, outrĂ© architecture, indie crafting, cult fiction, photography, indie and underground film, tiki, burlesque, designer toys, Steampunk, leftfield music… Nude magazine covered it all over the course of 17 fabulously eclectic issues, as part of its brief to explore the margins of popular culture.



Lottie Pencheon

… illustrator and print maker from Macclesfield.
I studied Graphic Design with illustration at the University of Salford.
I enjoy print making, especially lino printing.
I love making picture books and drawing animals.
I recently started animating using completely hand drawn scenes.



Purple Cocoon



The Mill Press

The Mill Press is an independent publishing and writing house, based in London and Manchester.
We publish a quarterly journal with a purpose to explore subjects of intrigue and ambiguity.
We also create and publish artist books, collections of short stories, photographic prints, poster design and hand made greeting cards using found objects.



Alex Hoggarth

I love typography, photography and topography as well as other things that don't have ography after their name.



Caroline Dowsett

I'm an aspiring freelance illustrator and am currently studying Graphic Design at MMU. Inspiring my doodles;films and characters, literature, lyrics & music, prints, old imagery, nature, editorial images, life and bits & bobs I find along the way.



Book Club Clothing

Sara Maria Keating // Chris Binns // Alex Frazer

With a DIY ethic, Book Club Clothing combines a love of traditional illustration and literature. Producing tee-shirts, tote bags and prints inspired by the sea, books, tattoos, punk-rock, traditional illustration, England, Americana, life, love and everything in between.



Salford Illustration

Salford Illustration is a platform to explore and debate the activity of illustration in the 21st Century.There is a focus on practitioners living and working in Salford and Manchester but we are keen to maintain a global perspective.



Sarah McKevitt

I have recently studied at the University of Salford where i obtained a BA Honours in Graphic Design. I have always been a creative, favouring the arts throught my education. The degree has also increased my passion and thirst for knowledge in my chosen field.

My art background affords me the ability to see things and design things in a way that provides complete production, in content, layout and design to the client or business i am working with.




We are a collection of illustrators, who each brings their own unique flavour to the studio where we go to create, motivate and collaborate.

Consisting of Mark Mottershead, Chris Howker, James Hood, Stephen Brown, Daniel Hodgkinson and Carrie-Anne Brown – we all met through our course in Stockport and have since then continued our friendship outside of it’s walls to form this band of eager and motivated freelance illustrators.




Design, Illustration and Crafts produced for mass consumption by 3 Northern monkeys.



Do Not Touch Manchester

Manchester made clothing.

December Fair

Following the success of The Manchester Print Fair's debut in September we welcome you to attend the 2nd event this year!

The Manchester Print Fair is an independent arts event, celebrating the best of design, art and photography.

The fair will offer a variety of artist publications, zines, screen prints, homewares and more!

This month will feature work from: